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New product of DCP

Dena Chesb Plast Company has started the production of PVC adhesive back film in the [...]

New product of DCP

Aluminum foil is a sticky back that is used for insulation and insulation.In the production [...]

New product of DCP

Dena Chesb Plast Company started to produce low-adhesive cellophane (Application tape).DCPCAL low adhesive cellophane with [...]

new ink inventories of TAT

available inks : eco solvent 14pl 35pl (star fire (10pl [...]

Self adhesive photoluminescence film

DCP co.started to produce self adhesive photoluminescence film(printable) color:yellow-green(matt) size:122cmx45m model:2-4 hours,4-6 hours [...]

History of the company

This group started its activities in 1987 in order to supply the raw materials needed for the production, advertising, printing (silk, offset and digital) units and packaging, decoration and automotive industries and based on this, it tried to supply the required goods from reputable factories of different countries, and in this regard, Alvand Talaei Merchants Company (TAT) was established and expanded in 2000.
Due to the capabilities and technical knowledge and experience in the management of this complex, the decision was made to establish the Denachsab Plast (DCP) factory in 2016 and started producing various types of adhesive back PVC films for printing, packaging and decoration (in the form of rolls and sheets) and producing various types of double-sided adhesives (for industrial and domestic use), aluminum foil with adhesive back. Our goal in this series is to be the best in what we do.


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Purchasing advice can lead to professional selection among different products that are tailored to the interior and functional environment among new and diverse designs.


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A reliable guarantee can lead to a comfortable and safe purchase, therefore all the products of two companies, Alvand Talaei and Dena Chesb Plast, have a guarantee of authenticity.